Wooden Climbing Frames, Slides & Swing-sets Perfect for Smaller Gardens

The Best Small Garden Climbing Frames

If you have a small garden it doesn’t have to be a place free from a Rainbow Wooden climbing frame. Just because you have limited space, it doesn’t have to be the reason for not having a wooden climbing frame.  Infact a Rainbow wooden climbing frame includes many toys in compact form. Our popular features on our small wooden climbing frames include rock walls, swings, slides and even monkey bars.

Parents will always want to buy the best for their children and we build a range of compact wooden climbing frames to cater for anyone with a smaller garden or only have small space for children’s play equipment. Our Fiesta clubhouse range and Fiesta Castle range make great additions to small gardens.


Small Climbing Frames for Younger Children

Younger children require a smaller climbing frame. This maybe obvious, however, we advise you consider how quickly your child will grow. Some companies offer "Toddler Playsets" which are for children aged 18 months. These are good for toddlers as they have an extremely low play deck, very short slides and often no swings, but they are soon outgrown and can be left un-played on after a matter of months. Our Rainbow wooden climbing frames are different, you will find each one of our climbing frame range is an investment in their childhood. With a life time warranty, a high play deck and a long slide, it'll last them many years. Your children will grow into a Rainbow Climbing frame and not out of.


Small Climbing Frames for Older Children

Older children love climbing, sliding and swinging too, so why not invest in some fun a creative play for them? We offer a great range of garden play equipment with tube slides, higher decks, and monkey bars for older children. Our Rainbow Sunshine Castle and our Rainbow Sunshine Clubhouse offers a higher deck, longer slide and more challenging rock wall, so it's well worth considering one of these if you have  older children. Whatever their age, children love to swing, so even if you purchase a smaller climbing frame with swings, your older children will still be able to play with their siblings.

Our children's wooden climbing frames are designed to ensure they are entertaining and safe, and are manufactured to meet both EN-71 and ASTM safety standards. This ensures they're suitable for children aged from 3-12, and our superb range ensures they'll be challenged and entertained whatever their age. From our fun slides, to our monkey bars, our play equipment for small gardens will ensure you're the most popular parents on the street.


Large Climbing Frames for Children

If garden space is not an issue and you have older children that really want to enjoy all the activities that a Rainbow Wooden Climbing frame has to offer then our Rainbow Carnival Double Whammy is the perfect choice. This amazing wooden climbing frame with its two towers create endless play adventure for your children.

If you have creative children our Imaginary Rainbow Wooden Climbing Frames are a great way for your children to embrace their creative and imaginary play. Our Rainbow Wooden Pirate Ship is perfect for children's soaring imaginations. Designed with slides, swings, playhouse area and of course the all important gang plank. Your little pirates will have endless adventures on our Rainbow ship. Or if you have King or Queen in the family then our Kingdom wooden climbing frame is perfect for your royal children!  It comes with spiral slide, swings, rockwall, playhouse and draw bridges. They certainly will be King of the castle in our huge kingdom climbing frame.